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When Should You Get Your Windshield Replaced?
06.04.2016 20:08

When you sustain damage to your windshield it is crucial to have it taken care of as soon as possible and in many cases, immediately. Sometimes the damage may be a chip in the glass from a small rock bouncing up from the road and hitting the windshield, while more significant damage can be the shattering of the windshield during a car accident.

Most people think windshield replacement should only be reserved for drastic windshield damage, such as an obvious shattered windshield. The truth is that most types of windshield damage will warrant windshield replacement as opposed to a simple windshield repair.

The following windshield damages are important to get evaluated and replaced by a qualified and trained professional:

• Chips – A chip may seem very insignificant on a big windshield but chips aren’t always as benign as they may seem. Did you know that a chip has the potential to grow into a much larger problem? One thing that can affect a chip is temperature. When the temperature is cold outside and the defroster is going on the inside, chips can suddenly crack and spider out across the glass. Excessive heat also has an effect on your windshield and can cause windshield cracking.

Cracks not only obscure your vision, but they weaken the glass which makes your windshield vulnerable to shattering. A simple speed bump or pothole is enough to initiate the cracking process so don’t ignore those chips. Have your windshield evaluated and replaced by an expert when it happens.

• Cracks – Whether an auto accident or an object unexpectedly hit your windshield causing it to crack, a crack is serious damage to your windshield and it should be replaced right away. Cracks are a visual deterrence and put you at risk for an accident and risk of harming yourself and others. Cracks may start small but can very easily and quickly grow until your car becomes unsafe to drive. Cracked windshields should never be repaired but should always be replaced right away to avoid further damage and the risk of an accident due to lack of proper vision.

• Shattered windshield – If your windshield shatters due to an automobile accident, it would seem obvious that you cannot and should not drive your car until the windshield is replaced. A shattered windshield is the most serious damage your windshield can sustain and your car should never be driven under these circumstances. A shattered windshield can never be repaired but must be replaced by a professional.

Why you need a professional for windshield replacement

Your windshield has a lot of responsibility. It not only serves as a protective barrier to the elements and debris around your car as you drive, but it serves as a protection in accidents as well. It is also responsible for holding up the roof of your car. If your windshield becomes damaged it becomes weaker which means the integrity of your entire car is compromised. A damaged windshield can give way and cause the roof of your car to cave which is a serious risk to you and others.

When you need your windshield replaced, you want it done right. Replacing your windshield yourself or trying to make windshield repairs is never recommended. These options may seem less expensive in the short-run, but in the long run, having your windshield replaced by a professional will save you time, as well as the headache of being without your automobile due to bigger repair problems down the road. It will also eliminate putting you at risk of physical harm to you, your passengers and other drivers due to an inadequate repair job or improper installation. Have a trained professional install your new windshield to ensure the safety of your automobile and restore its integrity.

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